A battling Enzo Fernandez performance cannot help Argentina in poor defeat

We had the start of the latest round of international matches last night in what seems to be monthly international breaks right now.

It’s probably actually even more than monthly right now. But either way, it’s absolutely crazy during a super busy domestic season, one that sees a ridiculously busy festive schedule starting in just a couple of weeks time.

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Players like Enzo Fernandez, who have to travel the world for his fixtures representing Argentina, it really is just plain stupid the amount of international matches there are during a domestic season.

Enzo has already looked tired for Chelsea of late, then he had to go and play a full 90 minutes for Argentina last night – also factoring in the mad time zone differences.

Enzo battled, as you can see from his stats below, but he couldn’t stop Argentina beaten beaten 2-0 at home by Uruguay. They do still keep their top spot in the World Cup qualifying group though.