British Super League now being proposed and backed by FIFA and UEFA

Super League this, Super League that. Whatever way you look at it, it looks like some changes to football will soon be arriving.

Dortmund director claims Chelsea target will stay with them this summer

I never thought I'd be so excited to be writing up some transfer news.

“Signed the same contract” – ESL Chairman claims league will still go ahead

We all thought that this story would be slowly dying off now, but there is one man keeping the 'dream' alive.

ESL Chairman speaks out on Chelsea fans protest

If you thought the drama of the European Super League launch was nearing it's end, I'm afraid it looks like it's only just beginning.

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust call for two board members to leave the club

Things really came to a head in the plans to launch the European Super League last night.

(Image): “Football allowed me to DREAM !!” – Former Blue makes emotional ESL statement

The last few days have been absolutely crazy in the world of football, something that is going to live deep in the history of the game for all the wrong reasons.

(Image): Frank Lampard spotted near Stamford Bridge hours after fan protests

They were signing his name during the gathering outside Stamford Bridge last night, as they always do, but Blues fans probably didn't realise how close the club legend was.

Chelsea fan protests ‘helped push the Super League plans back indefinitely’

Roman Abramovich was never completely sold on the idea of the European Super League in the first place, as Chelsea finally announced their intentions to pull out of it over night.

Thomas Tuchel admits he and players were ‘clearly not happy’ after ‘huge distraction’ of the ESL

Amongst all the madness last night, Chelsea actually had a game of football to play in between the circus that was the launch of the European Super League.

‘Chelsea were the first to table their exit’ from the European Super League

A real week of madness right? Can we get back to which striker we are going to sign in the summer now please?

European Super League post official statement in reaction to Chelsea leaving

Yesterday was an absolutely crazy rollercoaster of a day. In fact, the last two days have been.

UK Government could ‘take away the work permits for players involved at the Super League’

The new owners of the European Super League have one hell of a battle on their hands if they are to get this league launched.

Premier League consider ‘all actions available to prevent’ Super League from progressing

More news on the European Super League dropping by the minute, and this time the Premier League have dropped their official statement on the league.

Chelsea ‘considering their position within the proposed Super League’

The latest news on the European Super League seems to be dropping by the minute and new information coming out all the time.

‘Emergency meeting of the Premier League captains’ called by Jordan Henderson

The drama kicks on, the story deepens, emotions rumble, and more and more high profile people speak out on the proposed European Super League.

Hudson-Odoi and Havertz start – Predicted Chelsea Xl vs Brighton

Yes, it is easy to forget that we actually have a game to focus on this evening, and I really feel for the players and staff tonight.

‘First cracks’ appearing in Super League, ‘two English clubs’ close to ‘losing their nerve’

As we are all fully aware of by now, Chelsea are one of the 6 English clubs joining the newly formed European Super League, that could start as soon as August this year.

ESL Chairman will not back down, and Chelsea signed legal binding contract last Saturday

Chelsea are one of the 12 teams who have announced they will be joining the European Super League that could start as early as August this year.

ESL Chairman claims young people don’t watch football as Chelsea head for Super League

I woke up this morning to some even more crazier news than yesterday, some absolutely astonishingly absurd quotes from the new European Super League Chairman and Real Madrid owner Florentino Perez.

Chelsea intensify interest in £30m Bundesliga defender

Alright then, enough of the European Super League for now, let's go back to some transfer news as it's less stressful and emotional!