Chelsea player told by the club he might not play for them ever again

Chelsea’s board are risking upsetting a chunk of Chelsea fans if the latest exclusive news report is true.

Football London are reporting that Chelsea are still looking to sell Trevoh Chalobah in January transfer window. 24yo has been told there is a chance he won’t play for the club again after rejecting a move to Nottingham Forest on deadline day.

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And there’s more to it. Chalobah has been told there is a chance he will not play for Chelsea again this season and has asked if he can play for the Under-23s, once he returns from injury, in order to keep his fitness levels up.

Yikes. Imagine that. Chalobah, a player from the academy who has always stepped up when Chelsea needed him and has never seemingly caused any issues that we know about, being told to rot in the U23s until January. Doesn’t sit well at all with me, if true of course.

4 thoughts on “Chelsea player told by the club he might not play for them ever again

  1. Football is brutal sometimes, but if the club have decided he’s not destined to be a first-team regular they’re actually doing him a favor by being frank with him. All that’s left is for him to accept it (which it appears he has not) and decide how (and where) he wants to get on with his career. Perhaps he’s resisting this and, if the rumours are true, then they suggest the club are attempting to reinforce the finality of their evaluation of him.

    Personally, I’ve always liked Chalobah. He’s a hard worker, has shown decent versatility and has filled in reasonably well wherever and whenever he’s been asked. You need players like that in a squad. All that said, he’s also not world class in any one role and I can see why they may have decided that he doesn’t meet the standard they’ve set for the squad going forward. Hopefully a mutually acceptable resolution can be reached, as it would seem cruel for Chalobah to end up relegated to the u-23s.

  2. Chelsea fc management is like a headless chicken. The top management is so confused. You cannot mistreat players like that. Buying and selling players like tomatoes in a market. No wonder there recruitment is completely awful. If they were serious they would have gotten ready made world class players with the money they have so far splashed out. Muppet show style of management.

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