Fabrizio Romano recommends player as a ‘good idea’ for Chelsea to sign

Fabrizo Romano is not only a top source of transfer news, but he is also offering his opinions these days as well.

And Romano has given his opinion on one of the biggest topics in football from the last few weeks and believes Chelsea should try and make a signing.

Chelsea moving to try and sign Ghana’s World Cup star!

Cristiano Ronaldo will always split opinions, so some might like what Romano is saying here, whilst others might dislike it. Either way, it doesn’t sound like it matters anyway, because Romano seems still convinced that Chelsea will not be making a move to sign Ronaldo either way.

However, in his latest briefing for Caught Offside, Romano says it would be a ‘good idea’ for Chelsea to sign Ronaldo.

Romano believes that Ronaldo would give Chelsea a great goal threat, experience, and a great winning mentality.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is 100% focused on the World Cup, right after he will decide on his future,” the transfer news expert said.

“Al Nassr’s bid is official and concrete, they are pushing and they want Ronaldo so that’s why they have a chance. Of course on Ronaldo’s side they still hope to find a solution in Europe, the market can change in five minutes for a free agent.

“On Chelsea, I think Cristiano is always a good idea, he could give them a goal threat and great experience and winning mentality, but their project is more about young players right now.”

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One thought on “Fabrizio Romano recommends player as a ‘good idea’ for Chelsea to sign

  1. With all do respect to Romano, Ronaldo may still have goals in him but his petulant, egotistical attitude would be toxic in the dressing room (just look at his antics at Utd!). By contrast, our current “old man,” Thiago Silva, is a hugely positive influence on the pitch and off. For me Ronaldo has got to be hard pass.

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