Telegraph: Chelsea strike agreement to sign Christopher Nkunku

We’ve been hearing reports all this week of a final club agreement between Chelsea and RB Leipzig for striker Christopher Nkunku to join Chelsea.

Now, one of the best Chelsea sources has confirmed that an agreement has been reached.

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Matt Law of The Telegraph reports last night, Chelsea have agreed a deal to sign forward Christopher Nkunku from RB Leipzig at the end of the season.

There was some doubts casted when he got his injury last week, keeping him out for at least two months. There was also doubts whether Chelsea were trying to push the deal through for January, but that is now not going to happen.

The transfer will happen in the summer, and there are seemingly now no doubts at all that it will happen, with just an official announcement from the clubs missing. We might still have to wait a bit longer for that.

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  1. What total rubbish journalism.. No link to a source, no real information. To be fair, my 8 year old son could have wrote a better article. Total pony..

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