‘Coach’s game system did not fit me’ – Former Chelsea player speaks out on leaving

Chelsea have already moved on a few players during this transfer window as they look to make room for further signings before the window slams shut at the end of this month.

The focus is on another defender, and more attackers. They signed Raheem Sterling, but as well as Romelu Lukaku leaving, Timo Werner joined him last week by returning to his former club RB Leipzig.

Sources: Latest news and updates on Chelsea’s attempts to sign Aubameyang, Fofana, Gordon, and Zaha!

It didn’t work out for either player at Stamford Bridge, and both of them also now have another thing in common other than rejoining their previous clubs, they’ve both spoken about Thomas Tuchel’s playing system not suiting them.

Werner is the latest one to mention it in an interview reported by Sport1 today.

“For me, the fun of playing football is in the foreground. Of course I had a lot of success at Chelsea FC, but the fun was a bit lost in the end because I didn’t play regularly anymore,” said Werner.

“I think that the coach’s game system did not fit me perfectly. That’s why it was clear to me that I wanted to take a new step. I’m at an age where I want to play as much as I can.”

They also do say though that Werner left Chelsea ‘on good feelings’ despite this. He was also spotted at The Bridge on Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Tottenham!

19 thoughts on “‘Coach’s game system did not fit me’ – Former Chelsea player speaks out on leaving

  1. Perhaps Tuchel should change the way he wants his attackers play so that they play to their full potential.
    As it is it is difficult to score goals at Chelsea and it is disappointing.
    Most attackers no longer want to play for Chelsea.

  2. neither of them is suited for the requirements of the gladiatorial epl.
    they are better off where they are now.
    hardly the system’s fault.
    a good professional adapts.

  3. Werner did not fare better under Lampard. I hate it when players who fail to live up to expectations blame everything but themselves. Was it Tuchel’s system that made you miss countless scoring opportunities including virtually open net situations? Was it Tuchel’s system that made you incapable of timing your runs perfectly such that you were constantly flagged offside?

    Accept responsibility for your failure at Chelsea, man and stop blaming the coach

  4. Maybe they need to explain what they mean by ‘the coach’s system didn’t suit me’. What system stops a number 9 from attacking the ball, making good movements and hitting the ball into the net? Lukaku lacked movements that’s why he wasn’t scoring. Timo had pace but always busted towards the flanks. When he had chances, he either played a feeble shot or misses the goal. They are not clinical enough.

    I feel forr Timo really cos his enthusiasm did not translate into goals. But he had enough chances to have scored double digits each season.

    Lukaku was a complete disaster.

  5. I’ve always say this , Chelsea strikers will never score goals with this system even they sign pele..tuchel system is based mostly in his defense and midfield rather than attackers , all Chelsea attackers hlare wanting to leave , how come d system doesn’t suit any of them , and most players are played out of positions way too much , I just hope sterling don’t suffer same fate ..!cus if havertz continue to play as a 9 , he will leave Chelsea soon too , cus he will loose his joy to play cus he can never guarantee Chelsea 20 goals a season and that will start frustrating him because he is now classified as a striker

  6. Those guys they fail to score simple chances. Those chances has nothing to do with any system but quality alone. Look at pulisic missed chances against Liverpool last year? Look at the setter havetz missed against totenham then you want to hide under system. We shld juss get a good striker simple

  7. Have to be fair when judging, how do you blame the Coach after missing obvious chances to score a good professional player adapts to the system please leave the Coach alone

  8. They are both supposed to be professional footballers. Ability to adapt to any league and any style of play…..other members of the squad can. They just didn’t like the fact that Tuchel didn’t deem them first choice in their position.

  9. Indeed you say system! There is nothing like system, some of them could not perform and even if they were to be brought back, they still will not . Let them go where they fet in .

  10. A failed player always looks for where to pitch his failure. He didn’t do well under Lampard, hasn’t hasn’t playing well for his National team either.

  11. For the case of Werner you can’t fault Tuchel, maybe a little if you talk Lukaku. If Lukaku had played under Frank Lampard I think he would be feared more than he was at inter few seasons ago. Werner is simply inconsistent. If you watched the the Southampton, Newcastle, and the Madrids’ games(the best games I think Werner showed his class) you would see that it wasn’t Tuchel but Werner himself. He loved being at Chelsea but wasn’t really ready for the demands of the English Premier League. As simple as that!

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