Fabrizio Romano drops his thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo to Chelsea

Yesterday, things went a little bit mad in the world of football transfers, Cristiano Ronaldo was the big subject once again.

As he is one of the best and biggest football names in the world, when it is reported that he wants to leave his current club, things are always going to blow up, and that’s exactly what happened.

Sources: Flash updates on all Chelsea’s latest transfer stories

Then, it transpired that Chelsea have spoken to his agent recently and they have actually been offered Ronaldo this summer, according to the below report…

As Burt says above, he doesn’t feel that Chelsea will sign Ronaldo, and neither does transfer expert Fabrizio Romano. But as said below, this might not be the last we have heard about Ronaldo to Chelsea this summer…

Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel focusing on other targets for now, but you just know that this one is going to continue to blow up all summer until the window is closed.

21 thoughts on “Fabrizio Romano drops his thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo to Chelsea

  1. Someone needs Ronaldo surely. If you have players who can assist him, cross a decent ball, he will do that rest – guaranteed goals in the bag. At Man U he had to do it all alone. Imagine what his tally would be with decent support crew???

  2. Ronaldo and Chelsea a perfect match…. Chelsea will rule the world of football again….

  3. Ronaldo and Chelsea a perfect match….. Chelsea will rule the world of football again….

  4. This is a golden opportunity Chelsea must grab. Only jersey sales will be massive and at least 20 goals guaranteed.i support cr7 to Chelsea

  5. I can’t wait to see him wearing the glorious blue jersey. I love Cr7. He’s the perfect player we need as at now. #chelsea

  6. Ronaldo will be a good sign for Chelsea this summer and Chelsea need a payer like Ronaldo in the club

  7. Chelsea will finish in six position with Ronaldo, Chelsea don’t need him please.

  8. Ronaldo always emerges as a spotlight. Him being in Manchester united and not playing eufa champions league can deem his spotlight so I think it’s a wise decision for him to move to Chelsea who have the likes of reece James and Ben chilwell who deliver perfect deliveries and Cristiano needs is just his header

  9. Cheksea sign Ronaldo ? That would be the last time they play champion league football.
    Ask Juventus and Man U how they are coping.
    Juventus are sure of champion league football every season, not now again
    Man u never missed champion league football, not now again

  10. People have been deluded by this whole thought of “modern football”. Tuchel is only focusing on pressing forwards . The main work of a forward to score goals and in Cristiano is the best in the business. Getting Cristiano for 25million is the best thing chelsea can do . Other forwards are going for 100M but they or even Bayern can get the best striker itw at such a price. They have to prioritize this Ronaldo , transfer especially chelsea who at the moment lack a goalscoring forward

  11. He would not suit Tuchel’s style of play. And are Chelsea going to rework their entire playing style for a player (albeit, what a player) in his late 30s? Look what happened with Lukaku.

  12. Chelsea must go for CR7 … it’s win-win situation for both the parties in terms of quality football as well as business purpose.

    Chelsea will get a forward who don’t misfire like Lukaku and Werner. His stats of the last season validates And shirt selling.
    For Ronaldo, he would be playing in UCL ….his biggest ambition. #Chelsea_Fan

  13. That’s absolutely rubbish he’s a great player but we don’t need CR7 at our club no and à big NO for that matter

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