(Video): “He is our Mbappe” – Thomas Tuchel on one “key, key player”

N’Golo Kante has simply not played enough games in the last few seasons, and that’s clear to everyone.

Thomas Tuchel was asked what he thought about the midfielder, and he couldn’t have given him more praise. “He is our key, key, key player… He is our Mbappe.”

But the manager’s point wasn’t that Kante was a great player – we all know that – his point was that the France star has only played 40% of games this season, and the team struggle without him.

You can see the manager speaking in the clip embedded here, with this impressive answer coming after 3 minutes:

2 thoughts on “(Video): “He is our Mbappe” – Thomas Tuchel on one “key, key player”

  1. But Mbappe was not the only name he mentioned. Salah, Debruyne etc were all mentioned. Which means he Chelsea best player like Salah is in Liverpool etc.

  2. Kante is Chelses best player followed by Ruediger and James. Next season, Tuchel should try and use more if his natural wingers and stop playing Mount there.

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