Telegraph: Chelsea already looking to replace Three UK as main shirt sponsors

It was reported yesterday evening that Chelsea had agreed a deal with WhaleFin to become their new shirt sleeve sponsors agreeing a £20m deal, which is double the deal they had with Hyundai.

As The Telegraph report, Hyundai suspended their sponsor with Chelsea when the sanctions hit.

Sources: At least two clubs are in to sign Jorginho this summer.

But they weren’t the only ones that did that. Main shirt sponsors Three UK did exactly the same, jumping off of what they believed to be a sinking ship. It’s got so ridiculous that when Sky Sports show the line-ups before a game, they have to blank out the Three on Chelsea’s shirts.

Well, Chelsea have ditched Hyundai and they are looking to ditch Three as well now, according to the same report.

Chelsea had already started the process of looking at potential alternative sponsors to Three UK, with only one year left on the deal.

Sky News confirm in their report that Chelsea ARE seeking a replacement for Three.

2 thoughts on “Telegraph: Chelsea already looking to replace Three UK as main shirt sponsors

  1. This is absolutely great news. Moving forward with regards to ALL sponsors a clause must be made to protect the Club’s dignity. The audacity of a Sponsor wanting to sever ties without knowledge of the facts in any given situation is evidence of total weakness on the part of the sponsor. That trait will never balance the scale considering the strength which Chelsea FC evokes. Good riddance.

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