Sky News: Chelsea FC takeover has ‘been thrown into fresh doubt’

Well folks, it has been an awful process so far, and now it looks like we aren’t even past the drama just yet.

That is because Sky News are reporting that the Chelsea FC takeover has been thrown into fresh doubt.

As they explain, this is due to “concerns” from the UK Government in Whitehall about assurances being provided by the Roman Abramovich.

Well, that’s just absolutely fantastic isn’t it? Just when we thought we were there, home, and dry, this comes up.

The news is breaking news so I am sure if will all just transpire as hysteria again, as most of these stories have done throughout this process. But it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting to read now at this stage, believing it was all but done.

We will await further information and reports on this, but let’s hope it is just something of nothing again.