Thomas Tuchel explains ‘the best way to defend’ in football

There have been a lot of debates recently on whether Chelsea are a defensive team or not.

For me, and for most other people who watch us play week in week out, Chelsea are absolutely not a defensive team in general.

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Yes we are solid and we can defend very well and cleverly in numbers. We can also be very good setting up for the counter attack when teams do enjoy more possession than us or are looking to attack us.

However, Chelsea will always be looking to attack to win games, they are never going to sit off, they are always going to press high, they just have good balance and can transition to defend fast. It’s clever and tactical, and it has been instilled by Thomas Tuchel who basically says the best form of defence is attack, in comments detailed below.

You’ve heard it from the horses mouth, Chelsea are NOT a defensive team.

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