Petr Cech on why he expects a ‘tricky’ game against Manchester United on Sunday

Chelsea had but four days to celebrate their emphatic 4-0 win over Juventus in the Champions League this week before the weekend hit and another match comes at them.

The Blues face Manchester United at Stamford Bridge in the late afternoon kick off in the Premier League on Sunday and of course, no game is ever considered easy at this level.

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But Manchester United have just sacked their manager and our technical director Petr Cech believes that could make this game ‘tricky’ for Chelsea, in what us fans describe as the ‘new manager bounce.’

Luckily it doesn’t look like United will have a new manager, or even an interim in by then, but they have Michael Carrick in temporary charge, and they did win their last game under him this week, which was also the first game since they sacked Ole Solskjaer.

This is certainly in Cech’s mind, as he spoke about in his column on the club website yesterday.

“It’s always tricky when you play teams with a new manager,” said Cech.

“That’s what our next opponents Manchester United will be hoping for on Sunday: when you get a change of manager, you always have a reaction.”