“Far ahead of the game” – John Terry praises ‘the best’ football manager

Former Chelsea defender John Terry was part of a few of the most successful squads and times at the club during his reign.

Terry captained the team to glory, success, and he was playing in a team that produced some of the best results and football in the history of the club.

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Perhaps his best spell was during the Jose Mourinho era, the first time he arrived at Chelsea when he and the players were at their absolute best.

Terry has been speaking about that time at the club to Bein Sports, as reported below.

He believes that Mourinho was ‘the best’ manager and that he was well ahead of the curve with what he was coaching and teaching to the players.

Terry says that some of the stuff that Moruinho was doing in coaching, he is seeing coaches do that now having just cottoned on how good the techniques are.

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