Thomas Tuchel answers whether Romelu Lukaku needs better service and addresses attacking form

Chelsea striker Thomas Tuchel has not really been firing as much as he would like to be since he arrived back at Stamford Bridge this summer in a big money move from Inter Milan.

Many Chelsea fans have discussed whether he is getting the service required to score goals, others are debating his form, and many are looking at Chelsea’s poor attacking form collectively.

Thomas Tuchel addressed all of this and much more in his pre-match press conference for Malmo today, and you can read every word he said at Si & Dan Talks Chelsea.

It was inevitable that Tuchel would soon be facing questions on Lukaku’s form and lack of service, and his words are very interesting.

He was asked, are the players taking time to adjust to Romelu Lukaku, and does he need better service?

He replied:

“This will increase every day because we are in the process of adapting to each other.

“I feel Romelu over played at the moment he played too much over the summer. He is a fantastic athlete and such a competitive guy and he digs in deep and wants to win. I know how much he wanted to have a good outcome with Belgium in the Euros and then in the Nations League. So he takes it really serious.

“He always puts it on his shoulders and I feel him mentally tired. Not hugely [tired] that we have a concern, but he doesn’t fully enjoy without having second thoughts and he is over played a little bit. Once he finds his rhythm he will get there.

“Does he need a break or do we need to keep him on the pitch? I feel the same with Mason and Jorgi as well they have weight to carry from their countries they are competitors and it can feel heavy.”

So Tuchel is largely putting it down to fatigue and that is fair enough, he was sent home early from international duty recently with ‘muscle fatigue.’