“Made life very easy for me” – Romelu Lukaku speaks on his time back at Chelsea so far

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku has had a reasonable start back at Stamford Bridge so far this season.

He would certainly have liked to have registered more goals in his last few matches, but his influence and presence alone has made a positive difference to Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea as they went in to the latest international break sitting on top of the Premier League table.

It is early doors of course, and as I said, Lukaku will want to be scoring more goals and getting his form even better, but it’s been a fair start for him back at the club he was at when he was just 18-years old.

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This time around it is different though, he is more mature, and more ‘calm’ as he explains to the Chelsea website today.

The Belgium international has been explaining how life has been so far back in familiar surroundings.

“I’m much more calm,” he says.

“I’ve matured with fatherhood and I’m more laidback. After winning in Italy and knowing what it takes to get there, that really helped me. In the last three years, I’ve been able to build something that I can take on for the rest of my career.

“It can be complicated but when you really set your mind to do something and you really dedicate everything that you have to that goal, you can achieve it. I recognised my little qualities and talent but I also knew what I was not good at and I really spent a lot of time working on those attributes to be the complete package.

“Now, it feels good. I’m very happy with the opportunity and we’ve started really well as a team. My team-mates have made life very easy for me and the coach is doing a great job. Our performances have been good but we’re always looking for the next challenge.”