Kai Havertz names Chelsea team mate who ‘is like a hero’

Watching Chelsea play football these days is hugely entertaining, largely due to the many chemistries building all over the park.

The players are getting used to how each other play, and the results have been clear to see in recent matches.

Each player rates his team mate and you can see that they are all willing to drop the ball off to them knowing that they will make something happen or keep an attack going/keep hold of possession.

It’s great to see and see that the players appreciate each others quality.

Kai Havertz really does rate Mateo Kovacic. In fact, he describes him as being ‘like a hero’ in his most recent quotes as reported by WAGNH today.

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He was speaking about the fact that Kovacic is always available to receive a pass and that he always wants the ball.

Doing this gives the rest of the players around him confidence.

Havertz said:

“He is like a hero because he always wants the ball. Even when maybe we concede a goal he is always the first one to take the ball and in doing that he gives us a lot of confidence.

“He is very young and won three Champions League titles. He is a player that likes a lot of movement, is quick on the ball. It’s good for a team like us. It’s good to have someone like him at Chelsea.

“One of the players that helps me a lot for example was Kova. I had from day one a very good relationship with him. He’s a different character of playing football. But I think we share the same understanding of football.

“Before the game, a very calm person and for me this is good sometimes to be next to somebody that is very calm.”

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  1. But can we really say Kovacic really won three Champions league ? Lets all remeber he didn’t play a single match for Real Madrid in all the Champions League won… He was always on the bench or loan out mid season and now, he claimed he had won many champions League…. Its not funny anyway

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