(Video): Danny Murphy on “Chelsea’s most important player”

Mason Mount has emerged as one of the best young players in the Premier League, and on Stadium Astro, Danny Murphy went as far as to call him “Chelsea’s most important player.”

He had Mario Melchiot on board to agree with him – although who could really disagree at this stage? If you’ve been watching the Premier League at all this season, it’s pretty clear that the midfielder has been exceptional.

If he can just keep up that form for these last few vital games, it could truly be a season to remember.

You can see the pair speaking in the clip embedded here:

One thought on “(Video): Danny Murphy on “Chelsea’s most important player”

  1. if MM was from Liverpool these media types would be talking about him in their sleep — all this shit about potential. He’s doing it every week FFS – we are watching a football superstar being born right in front of our eyes.
    ‘potential’ my backside.

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