Tuchel suggests issue he felt ‘coming in training’ responsible for Arsenal defeat

There was a moment that really triggered my frustrations last night in the 1-0 defeat to Arsenal.

We were 75 minutes in, and losing the game 1-0. I looked at all of our players and not one of them was running. Light jogs perhaps, lots of walking, but none of them actually running, and I thought to myself why the heck not? We are chasing the game against our fierce London rivals, where is the intensity and urgency?

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Truth be told it wasn’t there, heads had dropped, in fact, they’d dropped since Jorginho’s major error gifting Arsenal a goal inside the first 20 minutes, and as this side often does, heads dropped and that was game over, their body language said it all.

Now I don’t know if Thomas Tuchel is here now suggesting something about player mentalities, but his comments after the game certainly point towards an issue in training this week that he says played a part in the defeat last night.

You read his comments, delivered by Goal, and make your own minds up. Sounds very odd at the least…

Tuchel said:

“It was maybe too many changes from the last match and I take full responsibility for that. Maybe it’s the last wake-up call for all of us.

“I felt it a little bit coming in training and I’m a bit unlucky that it’s proven today on the pitch. I regret … we could have, we could have, we could have but we didn’t.

“We had three days. We’re on a good run, good mood. The choices were not so good from my side for the line-up. This is on me. We were unlucky. We can lose in football. We did everything today to lose.

“I’m not happy with my line-up. There were too many changes and I shouldn’t have done it like this. It was something in particular but I don’t want to tell you.”