“Great footballer” Mason Mount needs to “become a bloke”

SportWitness always pick up on fun footballing snippets from unusual places around the globe for when you’re tired of hearing the same pundits and columnists chunter on, and this time they’ve found a gem.

They have a translated interview from SoccerNews in the Netherlands where Rafael Van Der Vaart has been firing out hot takes on the topic of Chelsea, for some reason.

We’ve already covered his thoughts on Timo Werner, but VDV is a lot more positive about Mason Mount.

He calls the midfielder a “great footballer” but claims he needs to “make a step up” – to be fair, this interview could be from a couple of weeks ago, before Mount had dominated in a Champions League quarter final.

Former Real Madrid starlet Van Der Vaart compares Mount to Calvin Stengs in terms of talent, but insists that “you have to become a bloke” to take things to the next level.

Ok, we’re not 100% sure what that means – he needs to toughen up? He needs to be more of a leader? But whatever it is that VDV thinks Mason Mount is lacking, he can’t be far away from having.

Come to the Bridge when it’s open again Rafa – we really don’t think you’ll be able to watch the kid in the flesh and come away with any criticisms at all.