“It’s just putting your head down and running around” – Former Spurs man slams Werner

Timo Werner is getting a lot of chances at Chelsea.

That’s partly because he’s a new signing still, and partly because he’s already had two managers, both of whom were determined to try and get the striker scoring.

So far it’s not worked out, and his efforts have not impressed former Tottenham player Rafael Van Der Vaart.

In quotes on Soccer News picked up by SportWitness, the former number 10 explained what he thought of Werner’s efforts.

“He’s super fast, and that might be nice in an away game when you’re under pressure, but it’s just putting your head down and running around.

“Werner is really a blind horse. He has already proven that in Germany.”

Ok, it’s a little harsh and a bit exaggerated, but we have definitely had despairing moments where we’ve thought something similar.

We still think that with time the goals will start flowing, and once he’s scoring steadily, nobody will be focusing as much on the rest of his play. There were certainly no complaints back in Germany.

But until he cracks that part of his game, there will always be critics like VDV ready to shoot him down.