ESL to start in August, 3.5 billion euro windfall, but contracts just “agreements of principles”

We are set for a busy day of spiralling news today in the face of the new European Super League being announced.

It is warfare out there right now that is rightfully being described as a civil war in football, and things are only just getting started.

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Strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride as the fight back from numerous footballing bodies begins.

Chelsea have announced that they will be joining the league, but thankfully according to The Athletic, the agreement is just “agreements of principles” for now and nothing officially binding. Which gives me hope that it can still be stopped with the threat of legal action and being kicked out of domestic leagues.

But in the same article, you only have to read ‘clubs will get 3.5 billion euros just for entering the league, which will be split across the 15 clubs’ to see why they (businesses) want to join it, and it just reiterates that these clubs are essentially businesses first and it is only getting worse.

The new proposed league, is set to start as soon as this August.