Timo Werner ‘hopes’ period he’s ‘never had’ in his career before is behind him

A lot is being said about Chelsea’s lack of goals and offensive play right now, with the strikers coming under pressure to step up.

Thomas Tuchel has even admitted their lack of creating chances in a recent interview yesterday.

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Of course scoring and creating goals is a collective thing across the whole team and starts from the back.

But if you are Timo Werner, an expensive new player specifically bought in to score goals this summer and you fail to deliver, you will be feeling guilty and feeling the pressure.

Werner has been speaking about it on Football Focus, as reported on the BBC website.

He admits to having a goal drought when he arrived in the first half of the season, but he believes his form is getting better and this period is now behind him.

It is something he has never had in his career before, which he also touches upon in the interview.

He said:

“It was tough for me [14 games without a goal] because I want to help the team.

“I want to score, it’s in my nature, I am a striker.

“I never had it in my career before,” he added when asked about the goal drought.

“You can always learn more from the bad situations. I learned to trust in myself, to give everything on the pitch, not only think about goals and fight for the team.

“Now I hope this period is gone and I score a few more goals until the end of the season.”

“A lot of good strikers come to the Premier League and take one year to settle down and adapt,” he added.

“I think my form is going up and getting better and better. Maybe this year is not the year of goal scoring for Timo but at the end I will reflect on the season.

“I have learned a lot. I know exactly the teams we play against, how they play.

“I can talk to him [Tuchel] very easily.

“When he screams on the pitch, no problem for me. I need types of managers who scream at me. It gives me more power.”