Journalist: “UEFA to blow final whistle over financial fair-play”

UEFA are set to scrap the financial fair-play rules, according to a report this morning.

Journalist Tancredi Palmeri claims that a new system will be announced that will leave much more freedom for spending clubs.

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This will obviously be music to the ears of Chelsea fans who continuingly hear of their owners ambitions, possibly meaning another busy summer in the transfer market despite spending big last summer.

Clubs have often put the burners on their spending in recent times with the strict FFP rules luring over them and the threat of major punishment if they broke said rules.

However, with the pandemic going on, UEFA relaxed such rules a little, and it looks like this is how it will pan out moving forward if Palmeri is to be believed.

We have yet to see any further reports on this, so it might be worth keeping celebrations muted for now at least.

2 thoughts on “Journalist: “UEFA to blow final whistle over financial fair-play”

  1. Can’t beat a level playing field can you? While many clubs, Chelsea amongst them, succeed in staying within the rules, those with enough money to drag Eufa through the courts and cost that governing body more than they could afford to pay, don’t even try. I refer of course to Man City who may be as corrupt as they come, I don’t know. All I DO know is they have been reported as allegedly falsifying accounts in relation to their various premises. What else I wonder?

  2. There would be no level playing ground. The small clubs will suffer till the rule is reviewed again. This must have been in the offing for some thing. I wonder his Man City could scske through after the report of account falsification.

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