“The players are 1.9 meters tall, brutal physically and really fast” – Timo Werner on the Premier League

Chelsea striker Timo Werner has struggled to get used to the physicality and intensity of the Premier League, according to the player himself.

The English league is known worldwide as being much more physically testing than any other league, or at least I’d assumed this was common knowledge.

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Some players arrive here and are still surprised at this fact, or perhaps they just never expect it to be as bad as it is. But it is bad for some, and it is the reason that many players do not make it here in England.

Chelsea fans will be hoping that this wont be Werner in a few months time, but he at least still looks up to the challenge and up for the fight, and I guess it is just taking him some solid time to progress here.

As reported by Goal, Werner has been detailing his thoughts on the league here so far.

“At the beginning, I had this self-image that I can go on doing my thing here, but in the last few months I have been brought down to earth. It’s the way in England that you never have a quiet game.

“The players are 1.9 meters tall, brutal physically and really fast – including the defenders. It’s impressive what intensity is going on in the Premier League.”