Insider says ‘he won’t be surprised’ if Chelsea sack Frank Lampard ‘sooner rather than later’

It’s never a dull moment being a Chelsea supporter, and things are rather dramatic at the club right now.

After a string of bad results and poor performances, club legend Frank Lampard now finds himself under immense amounts of pressure as he looks to keep hold of his job as head coach at the club.

Various reports have been flying around over recent days and everyone from journalists to fans have had their say.

Now it was the turn of known reputable insider The Secret Scout platform, who was speaking to The Si Phillips Talks Chelsea website today.

Of course the main topic of conversation was the Lampard situation, and TSS believes that he has very little time left now and expects him to be sacked ‘sooner rather than later’.

“The pressure is on,” TSS said.

“ Top four is looking uncertain. Huge amounts of money spent and Covid is impacting finances.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if a decision is made [sacking Frank Lampard] sooner rather than later.”

“I’m disappointed that the team doesn’t have a style of play in or out of possession,” TSS continued.

“Lampard has not had a chance to integrate the new players, and too many of them are struggling. I do expect more from him and his coaching team.”

Admittedly it doesn’t look good at all now for Lampard, but the big question is that nobody seems to know an answer for right now, is just how long will het get, if any time at all, to turn things around now?