Independent: No interim manager, Lampard may have time to turn things around

Yesterday was a busy day of reports from various outlets delivering their verdicts on the Frank Lampard situation at Chelsea.

Nothing official came out of the club, and as it stands Lampard is still the Blues boss. He may well stay that way if The Independent’s take is anything to go by.

Chelsea are considering a move for long-term club target Boubacar Kamara, read the full story HERE!

The reliable Miguel Delaney agrees with the general reports that Lampard’s job is under serious threat now, and that Chelsea are eyeing Julian Negelsmann or Thomas Tuchel as replacements.

However, they disagree on one major factor – that Chelsea will hire an interim boss, and they believe this could lead to Lampard getting more time to turn it around at the club.

The reports claims that the board are conscious of Lampard’s status as an icon, and want to give him a fair chance, as part of a general long-term view.

While there is an awareness that they will have to act if these results continue, Chelsea would rather replace Lampard when there is a preferred candidate ready to take the job. They do not want the short-term issues that come with an interim boss.

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