Poll Results: These Chelsea fans make their minds up on N’Golo Kante’s future

There are a number of Chelsea players who will always create a debate amongst supporters.

Whilst N’Golo Kante is largely considered as indispensable amongst many Blues fans, there are also many who believe it might be wise to sell the 29-year old midfielder sooner rather than later, after a few dips in form and struggles with injury over the last couple of seasons.

Kante is one player that you would feel any other club would love to have in their squad, but is the concerns raised over Kante warranted?

I decided to ask the fans and ran a poll yesterday, where 21,643 people voted on.

The results are probably not quite as unanimous than many would have hoped.

46.9% of the voters believe Kante should still be a first team regular, but 30.2% feel he should be sold in the next window. The difference between the two is not as large as you would expect, proving many do cast strong doubts over the Chelsea midfielder.