“My wife is fed up with me!” – Thiago Silva reveals the lengths he is going to to keep in top condition

Chelsea will soon be handing a first team debut to new signing Thiago Silva, and the appearance will be well received by Blues fans eager to see the football great turn out for them.

Chelsea fans were excited to see a world class defender arrive at the club, knowing the difference he will make to their leaky defence.

But there were eyebrows raised from some sections of football about Silva’s age.

The Brazilian international has just turned 36, but he still looks at plays like he is in his late 20s.

In Sport today the science, technology, nutrition, and the way they train is totally different even from ten years ago. Players can stay in top condition a lot longer these days if they look after themselves and eat the right foods.

Silva absolutely falls into that category, and being in the best condition is a lifestyle for him and something he takes VERY seriously.

He has an ambition to keep playing for as long as possible and even wants to play in the next World Cup when he will be almost 38. You just know he will as well.

Silva has been telling the Chelsea website exactly what lengths he goes to to keep in top condition, and says “my wife is fed up with me!”

“From my perspective, I’m doing everything to ensure that I can deliver the very best of myself.

“It gets to the point where my wife is fed up with me because I’m completely dedicated to ensuring that I’m in the best shape possible for every game.

“When the game’s over, the first thing I do is to watch it back to look for things that I did wrong. So as you can imagine, I get on her nerves! But she’s very proud of what I do.

“As I’ve said before, the prospect of playing at the next World Cup is another thing that really drives me. I’ll be more or less 38 years old by the time of the next World Cup and I’m hugely motivated to be in good shape for it.

“The work that I’m putting in to make this a reality already started a while back and now Chelsea have given me a great opportunity to continue playing at the highest level. What Chelsea represents to me is a source of great happiness and motivation to be a part of a new project, a new family and I hope that this will be a very special year together.”