“It was my fault” – Fernando Torres admits why he flopped at Chelsea

Fernando Torres was largely adored at Chelsea throughout his short-lived Blues career.

But this wasn’t because he will go down in history as one of the clubs best performing strikers ever, more to do with his involvement in Chelsea winning the Champions League trophy for the first and only time so far in their history.

Torres scored THAT goal against Barcelona and for that, he will always have his special place in the hearts of the Blues faithful.

But all in all, he flopped at Chelsea, there is no two ways about it. He joined for £50 million from Liverpool, and that was a massive fee at the time, it still would be now!

But he failed to produce the world class performances that we saw from him at Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, and Torres has admitted to TalkSport that ‘It was my fault’.

In an exclusive interview, Torres told the Radio Station:

“I needed to find my own way and that was going to Chelsea. I thought that was the club to offer me more chance of winning trophies.

“It was maybe my fault for not being able to adapt quicker,” on his lack of success at Chelsea.

“I had good moments but I wasn’t consistent. If you are not performing every week then someone will come in.

“I always said it was my fault. I was old enough to find solutions but I didn’t do it. I won the trophies but I didn’t do it every week.

“[Carlo] Ancelotti was the manager when I signed. I spoke with him before I signed, but that was not the reason I signed.

“Every year they change the manager. and it’s always a big manager.

“I knew the difficulties of going to Chelsea, but I thought it was the team to offer the chances of winning more trophies. They hadn’t won the Champions League and a generation like that needed to win the Champions League. Finally we did it.”