Lampard challenges his players ‘that have been there and done that’ to step up to the plate

Chelsea have been handed yet another massive Champions League qualification boost last night as Manchester United were held to a 2-2 draw by Southampton.

This meant that The Blues remain in third place in the league, despite being thrashed by Sheffield United at the weekend, with Leicester also losing their game in hand.

But Blues boss Frank Lampard needs his players to step up to the plate and go and take all three points against relegated Norwich City this evening.

It is essential that they now pull away even further from Manchester United and Leicester City before they face league winners Liverpool, they must go and get that breathing space.

Lampard is looking to his more senior players to step up and help the younger players tonight and moving forward as to avoid results like Sheffield United.

As reported by Sky Sports, Lampard explained that experience can be over rated, but at the same time wants players ‘that have been there and done that’ to step up.

He said:

“I think it’s part of the situation we’re in and the process we’re in here at the minute with the lot of younger players we have and players that are probably playing their first year in the Premier League, let alone playing for Champions League spots and what have you, which is a lot of pressure, is them adapting to that.

“They need to be helped by the players that have been there and done that and won World Cups or won Premier Leagues like some of the players have in our squad.

“In certain times, experience is overrated, in my opinion. It’s good to have it within the group but sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the answer and that gives you success.

“Sometimes it’s a bit of innocence, a bit of youthfulness and a bit of real desire without the feelings of past campaigns and successes and failures that can be something really positive within.”