Joe Cole reveals the ‘improved’ Chelsea player who he is ‘a big fan of’

Chelsea have had an inconsistent season over all so far under Frank Lampard, and this inconsistency stems to the players as well.

One player who can be very up and down with his performances is Ross Barkley. He can be an excellent game changing player at one moment, and then really poor the next. You never know which Ross Barkley you are going to get.

We all know what he is capable of on his day, but unfortunately since he has joined Chelsea, that day has not come often enough.

However, Chelsea coach Joe Cole has full belief in the England international and thinks he can be the player to emulate what his boss Lampard did at the club as a player.

He has been talking to The Daily Star about how Barkley has improved this season, and admits he has always been a fan of the 26-year old midfielder.

Cole said:

“Ross has improved. He is a top player. I’m a big fan of Ross Barkley. Always have been.

“He’s been a bit less spoken about because of Jack Grealish and James Maddison and Mason Mount. But he’s done a terrific job at Chelsea.

“The last two games, against Liverpool and Everton, he was brilliant. Absolutely fantastic.

“I’ve always thought he was a top player and I think he’ll be at Chelsea for many, many years.

“Now the challenge for Ross is can he keep doing that, can he be that player who drives Chelsea on to win trophies, like his manager was? I think he can.

“I’m pleased if people can see similarities between him and me because I’m a big fan. I think I just developed at Chelsea.

“It wasn’t just Jose. He’s a fantastic manager. But I was playing with better players. More expectation. I grew into my body a bit. And winning trophies breeds confidence.

“I like everything about Ross. Technically, he’s spot on. The mental aspect of the game, he’s getting better and better. Tactically he is improving all the time.

“I just think he’s a top top player for Chelsea and England. As football evolves, players like him are getting more and more valued. He’s a fantastic player.”