Chelsea keeping transfer deals behind the scenes

It often seems the case that whenever a club is conducting transfer business, the worlds press manages to get all bits of details to be able to report on it along the way.

Fans will follow along, eager to hear that new bit of information on whether a fee has been agreed, or whether a contract has been negotiated yet, it can be exciting for the fans.

But most recently, Chelsea look to have been keeping their business firmly behind closed doors, with nothing at all being leaked until the very last minute when they signed Hakim Ziyech from Ajax.

They again have seemingly been dealing with another club and are very close to signing another player without anyone knowing anything about it until now.

French reporter Manu Lonjon tweeted just yesterday that Chelsea were close to signing defender  Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille.

Obviously this has not been confirmed or denied by Chelsea yet, so we wait to see if it is true, but it is certainly in-keeping with the Ziyech deal if it does happen.