These Chelsea fans convinced that Roman Abramovich has got his UK VISA back

Scrolling through social media last night you would have noticed reports circulating that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich had been granted a VISA to be able to stay and work in the UK again.

But these weren’t stories coming from any of the worldwide press. No. In fact, looking into it, it looks like some Chelsea supporters are making their own conclusions based on the below tweets from popular Chelsea Youth Twitter account, Carefree Youth.

Abramovich has of course not been able to work or stay in the UK since his VISA issues with the British Government and Chelsea fans have grown used to not seeing him around anymore.

But with reports that the Blues Russian owner has re-found his love for the club again, as reported by The Telegraph, many fans are starting to make their own conclusions of his return, and that he will be getting his cheque book out again in January.