“She was emotional. She was in tears” – Chelsea striker on battling racist abuse

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham has already put the latest racism incident behind him that he was subjected to after missing a penalty in the Super Cup Final, and is leading the fight against it.

The Mirror have been speaking to the 21-year old striker, who has been explaining the effect that the incident had on his parents at the time.

Even though the Blues striker managed to brush it off and be strong, it naturally made his Mother a little more upset.

Speaking to The Mirror, Abraham said:

“I remember speaking to my mum, she was emotional. She was in tears. She was just thinking ‘Why him? Why him?’ It’s obviously not nice, seeing your son getting abused.

“For me. I’m always a strong character. It doesn’t affect me as much. But it could affect people who don’t have my personality.

“My Dad said to me: ‘Listen, son, this is nothing nothing compared to what we’ve been used to. This is over social media.

“It’s different when people say it to your face. So this is nothing to worry about. These are minor problems.

“So yes, it didn’t affect me as much because I don’t listen to the nonsense. I just let the ball do the talking.”

That is exactly what he did as well, let the ball do the talking. He stepped out in to the next couple of matches and scored four goals in the next two games for Chelsea, which was the best possible response to the abuse.

Abraham, who has always scored goals throughout his early career so far, will be keen to get back out on to the pitch and continue to prove the haters wrong.