Injured Alvaro Morata makes a huge mistake on road to redemption

morata madrid

Alvaro Morata’s popularity at Chelsea is falling fast.

It started very high: he was a big money summer move and he came in strong, scoring from the very start of the season.

However as time has gone on his goals have dried up, never a positive change for a forward.

Then, he got himself suspended thanks to his own foolishness, then after that he picked up a back injury which is still keeping him out of action now.

Still, none of this is individually as bad as what he did today: speaking to the Spanish press about his future and saying that “Madrid is always Madrid”.

After supporting him through an increasingly tough season, Blues fans may have been expecting a little more loyalty from their forward.

At this rate however they don’t have much to worry about: there’s no chance Real would be interested in buying back their academy product for a third time while he’s in this form.