“Very confident” – Chelsea player says he is spurred on by big money arrivals

Having a strong mentality is a huge part of being a good football player and making it at the very top.

And at Chelsea this season, it seems like they have more and more players with good attitudes and strong mentalities, which is a huge difference to recent squads.

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Conor Gallagher is one of those with a very top mentality and good personality to make it at this club, and he is certainly making sure he is doing all he can to give himself every chance to do so.

Gallagher now has to compete in midfield with two players who cost £100m-plus, but instead of shying away from the challenge, Gallagher says it spurred him on and he is confident in his own ability to keep his place in this team.

It will be interesting when more of the injured players come back in, but Gallagher has made himself pretty indispensable in this team right now.

In words cited by The Guardian, Gallagher said: “I’m very confident in my ability. Training and playing alongside midfielders worth 100‑plus million pounds is good and shows where I’m at.

“It’s what comes with being at a top club like Chelsea. In a way I was excited. But I needed to make sure I was ready to show the manager I was still good enough to play in this team.

When top players come in your position, you think you have less of a chance of playing. It makes you even more determined to prove you are good enough. I think I have done that this season.”