“In January they’re going to sign a very expensive number 9” – Pundits rants about Chelsea’s illogical transfer policy

Julien Laurens used his spot on ESPN to slam Chelsea’s transfer strategy this summer for leaving the squad without a reliable goalscorer – despite that being the very obvious issue for several years now.

He can’t believe that we’ve got into this season without our most obvious flaw having been addressed. And he thinks that issue will be rectified in January, just 18 months too late.

“How can they spend $500m in the summer and yet only have Nico Jackson as their striker? It defies all the odds, any sense of logic… in January they’re going to sign a very expensive number 9. A proper number 9. Like they should have done this summer.”

You can see his rant in the clip embedded here, with his section coming after 7 minutes:

He’s right, and of course what’s even funnier is that this is exactly what people were saying a year ago.

Chelsea had shifted Romelu Lukaku on loan, and in his stead they got Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. That was a huge mistake. To repeat that for a second year in a row is just unforgivable.

It was a reasonable excuse to say there were no good value options last summer, but you can’t say that no good strikers have been on the market for the last 3 windows in a row.