Romelu Lukaku insults Chelsea fans again with claims he knew he “still had Inter”

The Romelu Lukaku saga is as tedious as it comes, and today he’s been quoted again flirting with Inter Milan which simultaneously denigrating Chelsea.

This is perhaps the most egregious of all, in fact.

SportWitness quote him as saying that he always had a return to Inter on his mind, even as he came back to Chelsea. It’s a bizarre thing to say given he’s got basically two weeks left in Italy before he has to come back to Cobham.

“I was good at Chelsea last season. But I knew then that if it didn’t work out at Chelsea, I still had Inter,” he said in quotes picked up by SportWitness.

“When I signed again, I knew: I belong here. I had that too at Anderlecht. I take this club seriously. I want to do my best. The people here see that. Being encouraged here is the best thing there is,” the striker continued.

It’s all just so lame. If it’s true, Lukaku should be ashamed for half-arsing his efforts at Chelsea and not having the commitment he needed to ever make it a success. If it’s a lie, he’s just burning further bridges at the club he’s been pretty rude to already, all to flirt with a team who probably can’t afford him anyway.

This guy was always bad news, and he doesn’t like to let us forget it.

One thought on “Romelu Lukaku insults Chelsea fans again with claims he knew he “still had Inter”

  1. If you’re looking to find offense I guess you can find it just about anywhere, SuperFrank! Isn’t this piece kind of proving Lukaku’s point when he mentions feeling supported by Inter fans (implying they make him feel welcome and they Chelsea doesn’t). I think you’re kind of proving his point, SuperFrank!

    How come you don’t take nearly as much offense at the fact that Mason Mount won’t sign a new contract? I’d say it’s a pretty blatant double standard.

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