Lewis Hall’s crossing continues to impress with new coach hopefully taking note of major weapon

We’re only at half time of Chelsea’s season closing game against Newcastle, but we’ve already seen multiple example of Lewis Hall’s wand of a left foot in action.

He wasn’t always able to easily get himself in position down the left, but when he did he unleashed a couple of really dangerous balls, the last of which came in the 45th minute and almost completed Chelsea’s turnaround.

It bent perfectly behind the defence and away from the keeper and allowed Raheem Sterling to get a boot on it. Sadly Martin Dubravka was too quick and was able to save it, before Kieran Tripper blocked the follow up.

We’ve seen that same wicked low left footed cross several times in Hall’s 4 game run as a Chelsea starter, and it looks to be a real weapon. Ben Chilwell would be proud of some of the deliveries coming off the teenager’s boot. We wonder if our new manager is watching, and what he thinks of the kid’s future. It’s hard not to be very impressed, and once again question what on Earth the thinking behind signing Marc Cucurella was last summer when there were so many other areas of need.

Frank Lampard has been criticised for not using enough of the various young talents at the club in the last few weeks, but in Hall he’s found someone he really likes and has given a proper platform to.