“He will sort this out” – Why one pundit thinks new Chelsea coach doesn’t “need to do much” this summer

Now that Mauricio Pochettino is officially announced as Chelsea’s new boss, publications around the world can start launching their long reads about his in-tray.

Most highlight what a vast task he’s got on his hands, but one outlier looks at it from a different point of view. On Match of the Day, Ian Wright played down the job at hand for Pochettino, pointing to the drastic underachievement this season by a group of very talented and expensive players.

His point is that even a return to the mean would look like success at this point:

“I don’t think Pochettino needs to do much this summer because of the calibre of coach he is and how good he is with young players and how he can organise a team.

“If you look at what Chelsea have got, probably sign a goalkeeper this summer, definitely a number nine – but when you look at what they’ve got in the squad, they’ve got enough pieces.

“He needs to cut the squad down a bit and bring in some quality. They’ve already got quality but bring in a bit more. Chelsea fans should be excited about Pochettino because he will sort this out.”

We sort of know what he means – if by “not much” he means reshape the entire squad, sell half of this year’s team, bring in a new goalkeeper, a new striker and a new central midfielder, integrate a host of new faces, bring back discipline to training and belief to games, build some dressing room morale and team spirit.

Apart from that Mauricio, it’s all plain sailing.