Forgetting Ronaldo – Erik ten Hag’s Chelsea criticism misses the point

Erik Ten Hag’s press conference last night ended up being quite heavily focused on Chelsea.

That shouldn’t be a surprise given we’re playing them tomorrow night, but the questions were broader than just a matter of team selections and tactics – perhaps unsurprising given the game is a bit of a dead rubber.

In quotes released last night, Ten Hag laid down some broad criticism of how Chelsea have operated in the last year.

“You can have money but you have to spend it in the right way and have a strategy behind it, otherwise the money doesn’t work. In this moment a lot of good players, a lot of the best managers, a lot of thmoney it is all here in the United Kingdom. It is a great competition but also a hard competition. When there is no strategy or the right strategy money doesn’t work.”

He’s right – he doesn’t need to look as far as London though. Manchester United have been the prime example of a team pumping money in to solve a problem which requires some finesse with the finance.

They are finally getting things together with the Dutchman in charge – and Chelsea just have to pray that it won’t take them ten years like it did the Red Devils.

It’s less than 6 months since they had to terminate the league’s top paid player’s contract, let’s not forget.


One thought on “Forgetting Ronaldo – Erik ten Hag’s Chelsea criticism misses the point

  1. it seems where money is talked about, those at man united, fans and now the coach, are always at the front of the road. chelsea brought money into the game. man city bought the league. who’s next. new castle??? to my knowlage, after the munich disaster united went onto the stock exchange. why? to generate money to survive. and all the money in the game will be traced back to that. what united started

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