21 numbers calling Mason Mount – Woman pleads guilty to stalking three Chelsea players

Chelsea’s season still has two games to go, but silly season has truly begun already.

A startling story in the Evening Standard today reports on a girl pleading guilty to stalking Mason Mount over a four month period two years ago.

The “Tik Tokker” Orla Sloan, 21, today pleaded guilty to the stalking of Mount and his then teammate Billy Gilmour, as well as the harassment of Ben Chilwell.

Westminster Magistrates Court heard that Mount slept with Sloan after a part at Chilwell’s house in November 2020. After that they stayed in contact for 6 months before Mount “decided that the relationship was not going to progress.”

At that point, Sloan bombarded him with messages from her number and other numbers. An incredible total of 21 numbers were used to contact mount. Gilmour was also targeted, along with Chilwell, as a way of getting to Mount.

Gilmour, now at Brighton, says he had to use sleeping tablets to sleep following disturbing messages from Sloan. The defendant pleaded guilty to “causing serious alarm and distress” by stalking Gilmour, as well as admitting to stalking Mount and harassing Mr Chilwell in a similar period.

Mount said in his statement that he was worried the stalker would “turn up at my training centre.”

The district judge in charge said that Sloan’s most serious offence crossed the custody threshold and her sentencing has been adjourned to the 20th June.