Reece James injury is a “minor hamstring” problem and England withdrawal is “precautionary”

Just minutes ago it was panic stations as we heard that Reece James had left the England camp, and now we’ve had it confirmed that it is indeed an injury problem.

The right back has struggled for fitness in the last two years and that has cost his team greatly, but this at least doesn’t sound too severe.

England don’t specify what the issue is in their statement, but Matt Law is well connected and he calls it a “minor hamstring” issue. He adds that it’s hoped that the move is precautionary and just designed to protect the right back.

Even if it’s very minor and very precautionary, it’s worrying and will likely see him left out of next weekend’s game against Aston Villa when club football returns.

That will give him a couple of weeks of recovery, which will hopefully allow him to play in the Champions League games against Real Madrid without any issues.