National coach says struggling Chelsea player “will play a key role in the Premier League”

Chelsea signed a number of big new names in the January transfer window, but not all of them have hit the ground running yet.

Chelsea’s capture of Mykhailo Mudryk was a dramatic media storm, with the player looking dead set on joining Arsenal before Chelsea came steaming in and got the drop of them.

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Mudryk then became a Chelsea player, and the rest is history.

But through no fault of his own really, Mudryk has been struggling, mainly for game time. Manager Graham Potter has preferred to protect Mudryk by taking him out of games recently, after he struggled a little bit to begin with.

Whether you agree with Potter doing that or not, Mudryk will be looking to soon hit the ground and find some solid consistency in this Chelsea team.

His manager for Ukraine, Ruslan Rotan, believes Mudryk will play a key role for Chelsea in the Premier League and will soon find his feet.

In words cited by The Chelsea Chronicle, Rotan said: “Mykhailo Mudryk is a great talent. Opening his potential is right ahead of him. In a couple of months’ time, Mykhailo Mudryk will play a key role in the Premier League. He’s very motivated to play at Wembley. He’s just one of those diamonds that we have to cherish in our team.

“He’s one of the key players, not only how he used to be for just the national team, he is now a key player with the national team and Chelsea. It’s very optimistic and we look forward to the future.”