“I work hard in silence” – Marc Cucurella on time in the wilderness

Chelsea spent a lot of money on Marc Cucurella to be their backup left back, and pretty quickly he got into the bad books of the fans.

His performances were poor, and Chelsea were getting dreadful results. Inevitably, the Spaniard became a bit of scapegoat. Mentally it’s been a tough time for all the players over the last 6 months, but it was particularly bad for Cucurella, who had problems in his personal life too.

But our recent return to form has seen Cucu return to the team and play really well in two games, and the official Chelsea website chatted to him about how he made it through the dark times:

“Then these last weeks, maybe I lose this and it is difficult. But I’m happy because I never stopped working, I work every day, I work hard in silence because I think my opportunity will arrive again. When Graham gave the line-up and I stay inside it I feel good because I feel I’m ready to play good to help the team to win.”

As much as fans can be cruel in taking our their frustrations on individual players, they can also be incredible loving and supportive of a good comeback story, and Marc is in perfect position to be just that now.