New Chelsea star takes just 35 minutes to break this season’s top speed record

Mykhailo Mudryk has played precisely 35 minutes in the Premier League so far – but he’s generated some serious headlines already.

The manner of his transfer – with posts pining for Arsenal followed by a surprise mega money bid from Chelsea – count for a lot of that. But the impression he made in his cameo on the pitch was enormous too.

He looked terrifying to defend again, with amazing straight line speed and quick feed. He almost scored, and left James Milner for dead a couple of times.

We’re not at all surprised to hear it claimed tonight that he hit a top speed of 22.76 miles per hour in the game. That’s the fastest any Premier League player has run all season.

Speed is one thing – if you can combine it with intelligence and technique, that’s something else altogether. Let’s hope Mudryk is the man to do that – he can be a key man for us if so.