Chelsea ready to offer Thiago Silva another contract extension

The focus over the last few weeks has been on the players who Chelsea might buy – but clearly those in charge have also realised that they have some pretty good ones already at the club.

Tonight The Times are reporting that the club are set to offer Brazil star Thiago Silva another one year contract extension.

From Chelsea’s point of view this is a no brainer beyond all no brainers. If you ignore the age factor, Silva is Chelsea’s best defender, and perhaps their best player this season so far. Given he brings so much experience and so many intangible positives in the dressing room too, there’s no reason to give him another year at the very least.

Silva has said he wants to play until he’s 40, and this deal would take him to beyond his 39th birthday. We wouldn’t bet against him playing another year – or two – beyond that.

One thought on “Chelsea ready to offer Thiago Silva another contract extension

  1. He should even take a bigger role in this chelsea team, so why don’t we extend his contract for the next 2yrs ,2025.He is a leader

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