Chelsea co-owner refusing to stand down on Enzo Fernandez

Chelsea co-owner Behdad Egbhali is reportedly not taking no for an answer when it comes to Enzo Fernandez..

Chelsea have been locked in talks all day with Benfica and it seems now that some Benfica board members agree with the decision to sell and are applying pressure to president Rui Costa.

It will feel like a huge relief if Chelsea do manage to get past Rui Costa’s increasing bullish stance, talks are expected to continue into the night. Enzo Fernandez himself wants the move and is also applying pressure to Rui Costa who holds all the cards in this deal, without his go ahead, nothing can be done.

So far Benfica haven’t given Chelsea a official response as such on their 120m euro offer (105m pounds) but the indications are that they are still reluctant to accept the deal. Chelsea’s current proposal includes instalments being staggered over five payments with one upfront payment being a large sum.

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