Joe Cole says this Chelsea player “doesn’t suit” the Premier League

Joe Cole is one of our favourite pundits at this World Cup, and not only because he brings a lot of Chelsea context to each game.

In this Morocco vs. Spain clash, he’s been asked why Hakim Ziyech looks so much better for his country than he has done for Chelsea.

Cole’s explanation is that the Premier League just doesn’t suit Ziyech, as it’s too aggressive and intense, whereas the international game gives him a little more room to breathe.

Some will disagree with that sentiment, but it’s more comfortable than the alternative explanations for why the winger looks so enthused and so much better for his country than his club – he just can’t be bothered anymore when he’s wearing Blue.

Comparing his work rate when he’s wearing green and red to his work rate for us in recent weeks, and it’s chalk and cheese.

Whatever the truth it, it feels like it won’t be long before him and Chelsea have a mutually beneficial parting of ways.

One thought on “Joe Cole says this Chelsea player “doesn’t suit” the Premier League

  1. Got to agree with Cole (and disagree, as usual, with SuperFrank—“chalk and cheese” pleeeease). This is another one of our far-too-frequent square peg/round hole transfers where we bring in a talented player but fail to consider whether he fits the manager’s plans or the league. Ziyech would/will do well in Serie A or La Liga. When will we keep a manager for longer than 24 months and invest in players who fit a long term project???

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