Thiago Silva: “We have to do everything to win” for Neymar

The World Cup is now in full swing with the games rolling in thick and fast this week.

For the spectator it’s been fantastic, having four games to watch every day this week, and the games not slowing down.

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For Chelsea fans too, there is always Chelsea involvement somewhere, whether we are watching a potential target, or watching a current Chelsea player, the interest is always there.

Today it is the turn of veteran defender Thiago Silva to take part in his final every World Cup competition with Brazil, and Blues fans will be looking forward to watching him in action, captaining his country

Silva has said that Brazil have set out to win the competition, and he also describes a special reason why they are so eager to do so this year as well.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, Silva said: “If it is his [Neymar’s] last World Cup, then we have to do everything to win for him. Every player who represents Brazil at The World Cup has pressure on them, but for Neymar that pressure has always been different.

“Since he was a teenager, he has had the hopes of a nation on him and that is a lot of expectation for anybody. He has always handled that well though – look at what he’s done on the pitch. He’s a special player and a special person.

“The target for Brazil is the same as always and that is to win The World Cup. But you do that by taking things one game at a time. I don’t want to talk about favourites or who we could play in the final, because we’re not there yet.”

Measured and spirited comments from the Chelsea man as always.